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Gonzo's Quest
Неуловимый Гонсалез
Mystic Dreams
Сказка 3
Rock Climber
Power Stars
Мощные Звезды
The Alchemist
Silver Fox
Полярная Лиса
Unicorn Magic
Banana Splash
Банановый Всплеск
Sizzling Hot
Сизлинг Хот
Queen Of Hearts
Королева сердец
Every man, in the back of his mind, thirsts for a risk. Some need it more, some need it less. At all times, the desire for a thrill spurred people to any actions, absolutely reckless at times. The emergence of gambling games opened a whole new domain for the thrill seekers. One of the first games, which appeared long, long before it became possible to play online slots, was the game of dice, already known in ancient India. Throwing two small cubes, whose faces were marked with different numbers of dots, the players, filled with hope and awe, waited for the cubes to show a combination promising them a winning. Dice were played by ancient Romans and Greeks as well. According to legend, Palamedes offered the soldiers laying siege to Troy to while away the time by playing dice. The Greek biographer Plutarch mentioned a Persian queen who was an inveterate dice player. A desire to feel this excitement again, to experience the anticipation of winning has urged people to beguile their time by playing over and over since the period of antiquity. Gambling also had a huge impact on the Classic Art: the games were described in novels and verses, depicted on the famous engravings and paintings. As the time went by, the games whose outcome was decided by His Majesty the Chance became more and more numerous. Miscellaneous card games, roulette, all these offered a perfect opportunity to quench the risk cravings. After some time, automated devices were created, which allowed gamblers to strive for the winnings without the need for a partner or croupier to participate. These were, quite logically, named gambling machines. Probably, the first association the words ‘gambling machine’ evoke for any person would be the perpetual residents of saloons and casinos also known as one-armed bandits. The first machine of this type was assembled 130 years ago in a garage in the US and was named Liberty Bell. The key elements of the machine were three reels with different symbols on them. The essence of the game was simple: the player spun the reels, which then stopped one by one and showed a combination of symbols, depending on which the player received either some prize or nothing. The machine that made it possible to multiply the wagered money manyfold by a single pull of the lever started to grow in popularity very fast. However, it took another 80 years to bring the design to the desirable level of functionality and reliability. During this time, the machines underwent significant transformation, both in terms of design and nuances of the game process. Many different schemes to calculate the winnings were developed; the number of symbols and their combinations increased. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a casino without endless lines of slot machines shining with many lights and ringing in many voices. Gradually, one-armed bandits were replaced by video slots. Their main difference from their mechanical precursors was that the reels were simply an image on the screen, and the combinations of symbols were determined by the processor. At first, these innovations were met with distrust: the machine without tangible reels seemed too likely to deceive the player. But later the public saw that video slots were as reliable as the mechanical ones. By the middle of the 90's of the previous century, video slots already became common and familiar to the average gambler. But the progress doesn't stop. Earlier, those who wanted to play slot machines had to go to places which were not always comfortable and where it was not always possible to immerse in the game completely. Visitors unhappy with their luck and quarrellings with the administration, thick veil of cigarette smoke hanging in the air, and strange odours were rather common companions of a gambler trying his luck in a casino. Now there is a far more pleasant alternative: anyone can play slots online. For those who seek to play slots or games, the casino 777 is the right place to go to. Both novices and mature gamblers will be able to find a game to their liking. Due to the availability of slots online for free, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the most popular establishments of Las Vegas and Atlantic City without leaving your house. All you need to have a good time is your willingness and access to the Internet. Never before has it been that convenient. Online casinos invite you to play numerous and various slot games fitting every taste, which will help you to make your evening festive with no effort at all. Choose any slot you like and play! Nothing will prevent you from enjoying the process to the utmost. No restrictions or limits! No registration, no payment required! Couldn't get your vacation? And you were so eager to walk into a casino and try your luck, cracking a bottle or two of a good champagne in the process? Don't be upset. Online slots 777 are already waiting for you. Grab a bottle of wine at your local store, forget about the suit, your breath-taking adventure is only a click away. Play to your heart's content! And if you ever get tired of the familiar slots, a new game is the solution. The classics of gambling have never been that close to you. In our club, you can forget all doubts and start playing at once. Lengthy registration forms soliciting the minutest details of your life, cumbersome schemes of sending text messages to God only knows where are in the past! Moreover, you can enjoy new slots / games for free, online casinos permit you to do that. The creators of the first mechanical slot could hardly imagine their invention would ever take this form. One can say the evolution of slots from mechanical 'bandits' to video slots and then to online games was not in vain. Dive into the torrent of unforgettable adventures and find out how lucky you are without delay. The fortune is within your grasp, you only need to catch it. And our club will make sure that the obstacles between you and your fortune are as few as possible. Start any slot you like at the online club 777 right now and may the fortune be on your side during the whole game! We hope that your winnings will encourage you to visit our club many times more!

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